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Welcome to Long time no yaoi.

Boy's love short stories made and published in a hungarian amateur bl anthology. Titles: Trouble: After a drunk night, our two heroes wake up in the same bed... Much to their shock. They decide to pretend everything's normal... and of course suffer (maybe that's not the best word for that) from the consequences. Blind date: Emil has a seemingly neverending bad luck with his dates: the girls always show up wearing high heels and that ruins the boy's perfect plan. So what would good friends do in this chase? Plan a blind date for him, of course! Reads from left to right! Updates every Tuesday and Friday!

My new comic

Thank you for reading this old thing I made years ago! But if you're interested in something I made recently, let me introduce you to the webcomic I'm currently working on: Vicious Circle.

The story starts like many others: with a boy and a girl. And continues with a priest-wanna-be and almost exorcist guy, a possessed girl, a pair of information dealers (from the occult kind), a medium, some ugly looking souls, angels from any kinds and a some demonic and supernatural happenings.

And the story still has a BL side to it ;) Please take a look at it if you have the time. I just started it recently.

Or course I'll finish posting this comic too.

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